FIND YOUR LIGHT - By Belinda Davidson

Wow, if you are a believer in some high power and vibrations then this book IS A MUST!

Once I started reading I could not put it down. Belinda's journey is powerful, enlighting and very very unique. Belinda tells her journey throughout her life which leads her through some incredible times in her lifetime putting her where she needs to be in her life now.

She explains all the chakras and their roles they have on you and your life. Belinda explains and shows you how to unblock and heal your chakra energy fields. 

Without going into to much detail I suggest you grab a copy of the book (I will place locations on where you can grab a copy of the book below) make a cup of tea, diffuse your favourite oil, run a hot bath and unwind to this easy enjoyable read.

Where to find: Amazon, Dymocks, Target, Booktopia and Audible.