About us

Hello Gorgeous Girl,

Thanks for stopping by.

We are so thrilled to bring you a safe space where you can love yourself, treat yourself and look after you. 

We rebranded as I started seeing a lot of mama's and even friend's who were tired all the time, run down, not enjoying things as much and not putting themselves first. 

Then it clicked. What if I had a store that had products for women to access under one roof for self care and self love. I sourced all the products I know us girls will love from bath products (because who doesn't love soaking in a hot bath), skin care products, women's multivitamin, affirmation cards and books to even stocking premium cocktail mixes and lots more.

There is only one you. You need to take care of yourself. Everyone is happier when you put you first and take a break from the everyday grind and have a little self care/self love routine that is just for you. 

Our social media is filled with tips for you to unwind and practice. The purpose is to make sure you have the right tools to recharge.

I am a busy mama of two beautiful girls with no family around to help me juggle the daily grind. Our little family is based on the Gold Coast and we love to travel... When covid-19 isn't ripping through the earth. I love reading in the bath and I also love sipping on cocktails and singing my heart out so everyone can hear me do karaoke. 

I hope you enjoy our little store as it is filled with love just for you.

Love Tarhnee x